Should I use eCurring or Mollie for recurring payments?

The answer to this question depends on whether you would like to invest in your own custom solution, or to use the pre-built features of eCurring.

The advantage of using eCurring is that you will save a lot of expensive development time. eCurring has all the features you need around recurring payments and subscription management. For example, eCurring:

  • Takes care of all the recurring transaction logic
  • Automatically follows up on charge backs and failed transactions
  • allows you to manage subscriptions (cancel, pause, upgrade, downgrade)
  • Provides a mandate system: your customers can verify their mandate by first payment, email or text message
  • Optionally sends invoices to your customers
  • Gives insights in your subscription and recurring revenue data

When using Mollie alone you’ll need to build these key features yourself.

However, the advantage of using Mollie’s recurring, subscription and mandate API is that you have complete flexibility to build all the features you want. Keep in mind that such system is rather complex and expensive to build, expand and maintain.

Visit eCurring’s website for more info.


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