How do I activate Klarna’s Merchant Portal?

You will receive an email from Klarna to set up your Klarna’s Merchant Portal. This platform is where you will receive consumer complaints and disputes for your Klarna transactions. To prevent possible chargebacks from happening, you should make sure to check your Klarna Merchant Portal regularly or you can set up an email notification for each dispute. 

If you have trouble locating the Klarna Merchant Portal activation email, please check in your Spam folder. It is important to note the link is valid for 7 days and after that you will have to reach out to us to request a new email.


What is Klarna’s Merchant Portal? 

Klarna’s Merchant Portal is a central place to manage all your Klarna Disputes. By default you will have access to the Disputes app: 

  • The Disputes app is the only place where you can manage incoming disputes from customers. This allows you to resolve disputes before they become chargebacks (please note: once a dispute becomes a chargeback, this cannot be reversed).
  • You can enable notifications for reminders and its frequency for your disputes by going to your Klarna Portal > Disputes App > Email Settings > Notifications
  • You can enable notifications for Disputes, Unauthorized purchases and High-Risk orders, so make sure to check if your notifications are enabled for all of these options to prevent chargebacks.

 Additionally, you can visualize order details and access the following apps:

  • Orders App (read-only)
    • You can manage your orders in your Mollie Dashboard.
  • On-Site Messaging
  • Branding App
  • Users App
  • Disputes App

Visit Klarna’s Merchant Portal FAQ for more information about these features. 

Problems with activating

If you have lost the activation email or are having problems with the link, please contact our Support team. You will need to provide us with your Mollie email address and phone number for a new activation link.


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