How do I install Mollie on my Ecwid website?

To get started, you’ll need a Mollie account. If you haven’t done so already, create a free Mollie account. You can activate your payment methods in your Mollie Dashboard under Settings > Website Profiles > Payment methods.


Installing Mollie on your Ecwid website

    1. Open your Ecwid Control Panel.
    2. Go to Payment in the menu on the left.
    3. Click on Set Up Mollie.
      • If you don't see this section, go to Other ways to get paid > Mollie Payments.


Connecting Mollie to your website

    1. In your Mollie dashboard, go to Developers > API Keys.
    2. Copy the Live API key to accept real payments or use the Test API Key to make test payments.
    3. Go back to the Ecwid Control Panel.
    4. Go to Payment > Mollie Payments.
    5. Enter your API Key.
    6. Scroll down and click Save settings.


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