Installing Klarna in Shopify

How to install Klarna via Mollie in your Shopify shop 

Do you want to add Klarna as a payment option to a Shopify shop? Mollie makes it easier than ever. Follow the instructions and after these easy steps, you’ll be all set. 


Step 1: Go to the Shopify app store and install the Klarna x Mollie app

  • Enter your Mollie Partner ID and API Key.


Step 2: Choose the payment option you want to add  

🌍  Klarna: Pay later

🌍  Klarna: Slice it

🇳🇱  Klarna: Achteraf betalen

🇩🇪  Klarna: Rechnung

🇩🇪  Klarna: Ratenkauf

🇩🇪  Kauf auf Rechnung 

🇫🇷  Klarna: Payer en 3 fois sans frais


Step 3: Install Klarna as a payment provider


  • Remember the name of your payment option, because you’ll need that in a moment. The name is underlined in red. 


Step 4: Add the option to your payment methods


  • Go to Settings > Payments.
  • Under Alternative Payment Methods, select Choose alternative payment.
  • Select the Klarna x Mollie payment option and add it.


Step 5: Enter your Mollie Partner ID and API key


  • You can also use the Test Key or Live Key. You also have the option to switch on Enable test mode.
  • Activate your payment option.


Step 6: Do you see the green check mark?


  • Then you’re all set!


Need help? 

If you need some help with these instructions, please contact our support team. They are more than happy to help.