Installing Klarna in Shopify

How to install Klarna via Mollie in your Shopify shop 

Do you want to add Klarna as a payment option to a Shopify shop? Mollie makes it easier than ever. Follow the instructions and after these easy steps, you’ll be all set. 

Step 1. Choose the payment option you want to add.    

🌍  Klarna: Pay later

🌍  Klarna: Slice it

🇳🇱. Klarna: Achteraf betalen

🇩🇪  Klarna: Rechnung

🇩🇪  Klarna: Ratenkauf

🇩🇪  Kauf auf Rechnung 

Step 2. Install Klarna as a payment provider. 


Remember the name of your payment option, because you’ll need that in a moment. The name is underlined in red. 


Step 3. Add the option to your payment methods. 


Go to “Settings” > “Payments.”

Under “Alternative Payment Methods,” select “Choose alternative payment.”

Select the Klarna x Mollie payment option and add it.


Step 4. Fill in your Mollie Partner ID.


Your API Key too.

You can also use the Test Key or Live Key. You also have the option to switch on “Enable test mode.”

Activate your payment option.


Step 5. Go to the Shopify app store and install the Klarna x Mollie app.


Fill in your Mollie Partner ID and API Key again.

Please note: Use the same ID’s as in Step 4!

Switch between your Test Key and Live Key? You can also do that in the Payment Gateway in step 4.


Step 6. Do you see the green check mark?


Then you’re all set!


Need help? 

If you need some help with these instructions, please contact our support team. They are more than happy to help.