What should I do when a Klarna customer dispute arises?

What is this about?

According to Klarna, a dispute arises when the merchant and the consumer disagree about an order.

Klarna distinguishes three different categories of disputes:

  • Goods
    For example, when an order is partly or completely returned, or when goods seem to be faulty after they were delivered.

  • Payments
    For example, when the consumer paid Klarna instead of the merchant, or when there’s a mistake in the bill.

  • Other
    For example, in case of insolvency or bankruptcy.


How does it work?

When Klarna acknowledges that there’s a dispute the customer’s obligation to pay will be suspended for a duration of three weeks. During these three weeks consumer and merchant have the opportunity to resolve the dispute.

If parties fail to resolve the dispute within three weeks, Klarna will ask both merchant and consumer to provide them with all relevant information for the situation. Based on this information, Klarna will decide which party is in the right.


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