What should I do if I receive a stop request or investigation email from Klarna?

What is this about?

Klarna can send you as an entrepreneur an email with a request to provide information. 

  • Stop request

    In this case, Klarna suspects that the transaction is fraudulent. This may not necessarily be the case, but there is reason enough for Klarna to investigate this further. For example, in the case of a stolen ID. Klarna will therefore ask you to stop the order, if possible.

  • Investigation

    In this case, Klarna received a report from a consumer about a suspicious situation. Again, it is not certain that this is fraud, but that Klarna wants to investigate the situation. For example, if the consumer has received a confirmation even though they have not placed an order themselves.


How does it work?

Klarna offers Merchant Protection. However, this only applies if you have acted as an entrepreneur according to the rules set by Klarna. That's why it is important to always make sure that you comply with these rules and always be able to prove that you have done so. 

Klarna expects you to take the following steps after receiving the email: 

  • Respond to the email from Klarna about the stop request within 1 business day.
  • Try to reverse the order shipment.
  • If the order has already been shipped, please provide the following information to Klarna by answering to the stop request email:
      • The name and address of the consumer as listed on the parcel.
      • Date and time of delivery or collection.
      • Signature of the consumer for orders over € 200,-.
        Please note: do not send a new email to Klarna, but answer directly to the email Klarna has sent you about the stop request. Sending out a new email will only delay the process.

Klarna will usually answer in 48 to 72 hours. If you haven’t got a response after 72 hours, you can contact us for further help.


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