What do I do if I receive a stop request or investigation email from Klarna?

Klarna may contact you to request more information in the following instances:

  • Stop request

    Klarna suspects that a transaction is fraudulent and must investigate this further. For example, if a customer is using a stolen Klarna ID, Klarna may ask you to stop an order.

  • Investigation

    Klarna has received a report from a customer about a suspicious transaction. Klarna must investigate further to determine if this is a case of fraud. For example, a customer may have received a confirmation for an order that they did not make themselves.


Responding to Klarna's email

Klarna offers Merchant Protection, which only apply if you have acted according to their terms and conditions. When they send you a stop request or investigation email, you should respond to the email and take the following steps:

  • Respond to the email from Klarna about the stop request within 1 business day.
  • Try to reverse the order shipment.
  • If the order has already been shipped, please provide the following information to Klarna by replying to the stop request email:
      • The name and address of the customer listed on the parcel.
      • Date and time of delivery or collection.
      • Signature of the customer for orders over € 200,-.

Klarna will usually reply in 48 to 72 hours. If you haven’t gotten a response after 72 hours, you can contact us for further help.


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