Is it possible to do a test payment with Klarna?

With the test mode you can test if the connection between your system and Mollie is working properly by making test payments. For Klarna this works slightly different, because the consumer doesn’t pay directly when ordering. That is why it is not possible to test the correct statuses of payments for Klarna. It is possible to test the status for an order.

How does it work?

1. First make sure you enable the test mode in your Mollie Dashboard (on the top right of your screen).

2. To enable the test mode in your webshop, you must add the Test API key in the concerned field. The screenshots below are created in the WooCommerce webshop platform and are an example.



3. Create an order and select ‘Klarna’ as payment method.   


4. You will now see an overview in which you can select the different statuses of an order. 


 5. Check if the status of an order is correctly taken over.