To get started, you’ll need a Mollie account. If you haven’t done so already, create a free Mollie account and set up your account. After providing us some basic details about your website and company, you'll be able to start processing payments within minutes.

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Step 1 - Install Mollie into your Wordpress + WooCommerce website

  • Open your WordPress admin panel
  • Navigate to the Plugins page through the left navigation
  • Tap the New plugin button at the top of the Plugins page
  • In the search bar on the right, search for Mollie payments for WooCommerce
  • Tap the Install Now button
  • After installation, be sure to tap the Activate button which appears in place of the Install button.


Step 2 - Connect Mollie to your website

All that's needed to enable payments in your WooCommerce store is to copy your Mollie API key into the Mollie for WooCommerce plugin.

  • In the Mollie dashboard, go to 'Developers'
  • Copy the Live API key and/or the Test API key

  • Next, navigate back to the Wordpress Admin panel
  • Navigate to Woocommerce > Settings > Payments
  • Enter your API Keys
  • Be sure to scroll down and tap Save changes

Use the Live API key to accept real payments and Test API key to test payments on your website.

Great, Mollie is now connected to your website and you can start receiving live or test payments!

All that’s left is to choose the payment methods you would like to offer your customers.

Step 3 - Enable your payment methods

Mollie offers a variety of payment methods that help you grow on the global market such as CreditCard and PayPal, or in local markets such as iDEAL for the Netherlands. You can enable any payment method you’d like.

Learn more about payment methods ›


Enabling payment methods for your WooCommerce store is as easy as flipping a switch.

First, you will need to first activate payment methods in the Mollie Dashboard.

  • Navigate to your Website profile in the Mollie Dashboard and click on Payment Methods
  • Simply switch the toggle to enable or disable a payment method

Enabling a payment method is as easy as flipping a switch

Next, you'll need to activate the same payment methods in your WooCommerce store.

  • Head back to the Payments settings where you inserted your API key(s)
  • Scroll down and toggle the same payment methods you enabled in the Mollie Dashboard

And that’s it! Your store is now all set up to start processing payments through Mollie. Mollie does all the heavy lifting for you in the background so you can focus on running your business.

What's next

  • To get the most out of Payments, read all about our amazing features.
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, check out our support pages or feel free to contact us.