How to add Shopify Payment gateways without (Mollie) behind it on your checkout

Using Mollie in combination with Shopify is a perfect way to get more transactions out of your Shopify store. We offer all of the payment methods that you know and love and work every day to create a better experience for you. The standard gateways of Mollie on the Shopify platform have (Mollie) behind them. We now made it possible to remove that by replacing your gateways with new Mollie gateways without the (Mollie).


In order to add all payment methods to your Shopify webshop, you have to make sure they are activated in both your Mollie account and in Shopify. After activating the payment methods in your Mollie account you will have to add the gateway to your Shopify shop by clicking the following links : 

2. Log in with your Shopify account
3. Tap ‘Install payment provider’ and the payment method will be added to ‘Alternative payment providers’ (please note: credit card will be added to 'Choose third-party provider' instead of 'Alternative payment providers') 


4. In your Shopify account, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Payment providers’ > ‘Alternative payment providers’
5. Search for the payment method you have added to ‘Alternative payment providers’ and open this one. WARNING - Because there is no "(Mollie)" it might be a little harder to find.

6. When you open the payment method you should see this : 


7. Fill in your Mollie ID without the # and your Live or Test Key