How do I add Mollie to my PrestaShop website?

This guide assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of PrestaShop and currently have a website with PrestaShop up and running.


Step 1 - Getting Started

PrestaShop is an official Mollie Partner. You can download the official Mollie module for PrestaShop for free. It will be saved directly to your computer.


Step 2 - Upload the Mollie Module for PrestaShop to Your Store

Open the admin page of your shop. Navigate to ‘Modules’ and select ‘Modules and Services’. On the top right of your screen, simply select ‘Upload a Module’ and upload the .zip file you just downloaded.

Click 'Upload a module' to connect Mollie to your PrestaShop website

After uploading the Mollie module, PrestaShop will start installation automatically. You'll receive a confirmation after the module has successfully been installed.

You will see a confirmation if the Mollie module for PrestaShop is successfully installed.

All that's left is to press ‘Ok’ and you're ready to start configuring the Mollie module!


Step 3 - Configuring the Mollie Module for PrestaShop

Go to your Mollie Dashboard, select ‘Developers’ and copy either the ‘Live API key’ or the ‘Test API key’ for your webshop. With the Test API key you can try out the Mollie checkout process in your store without actual payments. Once you are ready to start accepting actual payments, be sure to use the Live API key. At this point you are also required to enter your administrative and financial details, which need to be verified by Mollie.

Now go back to your PrestaShop admin page. Paste the selected key in the API Key field. And just like that Mollie is connected to your website and you are ready to start processing live or test payments.


Step 4 - Configuring Mollie APIs

Go back to your PrestaShop admin page. From the menu, you can choose which API to use and save your settings.


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