How to enable the Mollie Shipments App in Lightspeed

Enabling automatic Klarna shipments within Lightspeed is very easy, follow these steps and start receiving Klarna payments and automatically shipping them in the Mollie dashboard.

First check if you have Klarna enabled in your Lightspeed shop, if not follow these steps : 

  1. Log into your Mollie account
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select the profile of your Lightspeed shop and select payment methods
  4. Activate "Klarna Pay Later" and hit the save button
  5. Log into your Lightspeed shop
  6. Select settings
  7. Go to "Payment providers"
  8. Select Lightspeed Payment or Mollie V2 based on your former choice
  9. Activate ‘Klarna Pay Later' and hit the save button

After enabling Klarna follow these steps to setup the Mollie Shipments App :

 You can find the app in the Lightspeed App store here : Lightspeed App store

On the lightspeed app install screen fill in the credentials of your store and accept the permissions for changing order information in the shop.


After installation of the Lightspeed app you will be redirected to the Mollie application to authorize the application. Remember to select the organisation of the web profile that is connected to your Lightspeed shop!


After granting permissions, the app will automatically create shipments and manage refunds in Mollie for you. When you no longer need this app, you can delete it in your Lightspeed shop or on the connected app page within Mollie.