Corona - New measures regarding refunds and credit cards

Why is Mollie taking these new measures? 

We are seeing an increase in the number of consumer chargebacks for, for example, gyms, hotels, camping sites, events, theatres, and travel companies. Mollie is required to ensure that all chargebacks can be processed at all times. This can only be carried out if the balance on a merchant’s Mollie account is positive. This is why we have had to put new measures in place. 

To which businesses do these new measures apply? 

The new measures apply to gyms and companies in the hospitality, events, and travel sectors. Think of, for example, hotels, camping sites, travel companies, airlines, theatres, etc. 

Are these measures Mollie-specific? 

No, they are not. Many other payment providers are putting these measures in place as well. As a payment services provider, we are all required to ensure refunds that consumers, your customers, request can be paid back. If there are not sufficient funds in your Mollie account, this cannot happen. 

Are these measures legally permissible? 

Yes. Based on our user agreement and in an effort to protect you, Mollie is permitted to take the required measures to prevent the situation that refunds and chargebacks cannot be processed due to a negative balance of funds in your Mollie account. Payments will be delayed in order to create a buffer in your account, then after a certain amount of time they will be paid out. 

Why do these measures apply to my business? 

As a consequence of the coronavirus, we are noticing an increase in the number of refunds/chargebacks in certain sectors. This is occurring because, for example, consumers cannot visit their favourite gym, events and shows are being cancelled, and consumers can’t make use of newly-booked hotel reservations or go on vacation. 

Do you think these measures don’t apply to your company? Then please contact our customer service team and we will gladly look into what we can do for you. 

How long will these measures be in place?

We will keep a close eye on the situation in the coming period and notify you in a timely manner if we are able to change these temporary measures. 

Is Mollie’s financial situation still healthy?

Yes. Mollie is a financially-healthy company that serves more than 80,000 clients across a number of sectors. These measures only affect 1.2% of our clients. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about Mollie’s financial situation. Moreover, Mollie receives money in a segregated account, which means that your funds are safe at all times. 

Do these measures apply to all direct debits starting now, or do they also apply to direct debits that have been executed but not yet paid out?

Yes. The measures also apply to direct debits that have been executed but have not yet been paid out. These will be paid out at a later time.



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