For partners: Reconciliation of Mollie Invoices

Balance based and settlement based exports

The exports will contain cost / invoice related transactions that should be recognized and matched to the invoice. All such transactions will contain an invoice number. Exports are available in CSV, MT940 and CODA formats. You can expect the following transactions:

  • Withheld transaction fees: Negative transaction that represents prepayments (money withheld from payment settlements, etc.) for fees.
  • Invoice compensation: Positive transaction from Mollie B.V. to the merchant’s balance to compensate for overpayment of the invoice (too much was withheld from payment settlements, etc.).

The invoice can be retrieved from the API separately, which will have the invoice number in the response.

Any export can contain multiple of either of these transactions for different invoices. For example, a settlement-based export can be requested for a settlement with withheld transaction fees spanning 2 periods and thus 2 invoices. Furthermore, yearly time-based exports will contain even more of such transactions, as these span all months and thus all invoices of that year. Such transactions will always be clearly separated in the export by the different invoice numbers in their description.

Settlements API

You can also reconcile the Mollie Invoice, with the Settlement API. This enables you to do this automatically, without downloading and uploading any files. Less effort for you or your merchants!

When a settlement is detected on the bank account you can query the Settlements API, and in the last settlements find the settlement who holds the settlement description. By using the Settlements API you can find all details about this settlement.

The Settlement API provides a breakdown of all revenue (payments / refunds / chargebacks) and costs (withheld transaction fees) per period. The period is specified per year and month. When the merchant has been migrated, next to the already existing “revenue” and “costs” arrays, there will be a new field; the “invoiceId” variable. This variable will correlate all costs of that period the invoice mentioned in that field.

Every transaction that should be matched to an invoice will be an element in this “costs” array and the invoice that it should be matched with will be the one in the “invoiceId” field of that period.

We advise you to summarise all costs per period and book this against the given invoice from the “InvoiceId'' field. This will make the reconciliation of the Mollie Invoice complete.


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