Yes, there are.


Due to the coronavirus, many shipments stemming from Asia are either delayed or unable to be sent. At Mollie, we are noticing that a good deal of consumers do not understand how the Coronavirus affects the shipping times of their products. If companies aren’t informed about the consequences, this can result in a rise in complaints and cause credit card chargebacks. Hence, this not only entails financial risk but reputational damage as well.  In order to minimise the risk for both consumers and companies, we have taken the following measures: 


  • We ask you to clearly state on your website that shipping can be delayed due to the coronavirus. This notification should appear before the consumer has ordered. 
  • Dropshippers must provide Mollie with proof of delivery (evidence that products have been delivered to a customer) before we can proceed to payout. 


This is how we can together ensure that the impact of the coronavirus is kept to a minimum.