I have found a suspected vulnerability in Mollie’s systems. What should I do?

At Mollie, we believe that the security of our systems, our network and our products is very important. We pay a lot of attention on this during development and maintenance. However, sometimes vulnerabilities escape detection.

Just like many other companies in this industry, we have set up a procedure in which we describe how vulnerabilities can be reported to us. This procedure has been drawn up based on the guidelines set by the National Cyber ​​Security Center of the Ministry of Justice and Security. This procedure can be found in our Responsible Disclosure policy.

To encourage the reporting of problems with the security of our systems, Mollie has a so-called 'bug bounty scheme'. We make an appropriate monetary reward available for reports that actually lead to remedying a vulnerability or a change in our services. We decide whether the report is eligible, and the nature and amount of the remuneration.

How does it work?

You can read all the conditions and the procedure for making a report on our Responsible Disclosure page.

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