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Process payments in your Magento store via Mollie using credit cards as well as alternative payment methods such as Bancontact, iDEAL, Sofort and more. Manage your transactions easily from the backend of your store (capturing, cancellation, refund).

Why start your store with Magento

Magento is a modern cloud commerce platform with an open-source ecosystem. With a solution for every business size, need, and industry, Magento is an extremely flexible platform. Magento also supports email, mobile, in-store, shipping, and marketplaces, extending the service far beyond the shopping cart.

Feature list:

  • Endless customization options for your platform
  • Seamless shopping experience at every customer touchpoint
  • Track inventory sales metrics
  • Automate repetitive order management tasks through the Magento dashboard
  • Integrate multiple shopping experiences including Amazon and eBay
  • Manage all inventory and sales through a single product control and distribution system

Why integrate Mollie into Magento

You can easily integrate Mollie into your existing workflow to:

  • Accept all major global and local payment methods
  • Access to dedicated in-house support
  • Initiate Recurring payments
  • Receive highly secure payments
  • Access the dashboard to gain insights to optimize and scale your business

Step 1

Create a Mollie Account 

Before you can get started, you'll need to create a Mollie account. After creating an account, you can get your API Key, which you'll find in your Mollie profile.

Step 2

Get started

This guide is written with the assumption that you already know the basics of Magento and have a store up and running.

To integrate Mollie into Magento, you’re going to need our plugin that's available for free from the Marketplace here. Are you more comfortable installing through the composer? Then check out the guide on this procedure here.

Let’s get started! In order to install the free plugin, you’ll first need the so-called ‘access keys’. Navigate to the Magento Marketplace and sign in. If you don’t have an account yet, create one. Go to your profile page by hovering over the drop-down in the top right and clicking on ‘My Profile’. Next, click ‘Create a new access key’. Give the access keys a descriptive name, so you are able to identify the keys in the future.

Click “Create A New Access Key” and give your access key a personalized name, making it easier to identify it in the future.

Next, you’ll see a Public key and a Private key appear. The Public key will be your username and the Private key your password in the next step.


After creating your access keys, they will appear in your Magento profile.

When you have created your access keys it is time to download the free Mollie plugin from the Marketplace.

Step 3

Download the free plugin from the Marketplace

You’re now ready to get the plugin from the Marketplace! Navigate to the Marketplace, where you can download the plugin for free. Once you’re at the Marketplace, simply select your community store version and download the plugin.

At the Marketplace you can download the Mollie plugin that’s specifically developed for your store version.

Next, you’ll have to activate the plugin in your Magento store.

Step 4

Activate the Mollie plugin in our store

After you have downloaded the Mollie plugin, it’s time to activate it in your store. Access the admin section of your store. Usually, you’ll have to navigate to a link that looks something like this “https://magento2.mystorename.en/admin”. To proceed, sign in and go to your system config at the bottom of the left panel. Here you’ll find the Web Setup Wizard. Click the web setup wizard to get started.

When you navigate to the Web Setup Wizard you’re faced with a couple of options. The one you need is the extension manager. If you haven’t already,sign in with your Magento Marketplace account. Find the Mollie plugin here and click ‘Install’. Walk through the wizard steps and update plugins where necessary. Once the installation is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation. And that’s it, the plugin is installed!

Step 5

Add payment methods

Now that you installed the plugin, all that’s left is to activate the payment methods you need. Navigate back to home and press the store's option in your left panel. Look for the sales dropdown, which contains all the payment methods.

You can easily activate the payment methods you need in the sales dropdown.

Here you can add any payment method Mollie offers. But first, enable the Mollie plugin and enter your API Key. You can find these in your Mollie profile.


Your API keys are provided in your Mollie profile, under “Developers” on the left side of your screen.

Now you can choose the payment methods you want to offer in your store. Navigate to your settings panel slide down to the payment methods. Here you can choose the payment methods you’d like to offer in your webshop and enable them.

Easily activate the payment methods you want to offer in your Mollie account under “Settings”.

Switch back to your Magento store and fill in your API key, so that Magento can load your settings and accept payments. And that’s it! You’re good to go.

For more insights on how to get the most out of your Magento webshop, check out the Magento Resources Library.