What are self-billing invoices?

As a partner of Mollie you can onboard customers with us. Because those merchants register with us through you, you can receive a partner commission. A separate invoice will be created for this financial reimbursement. Because the partner introduces these customers, he should actually create an invoice and send it to Mollie, but since he has no insight in how many transactions these merchants process, Mollie prepares the invoice on behalf of the partner. 

Because Mollie prepares the invoice on behalf of the partner, the partner will be mentioned as the person where the invoice comes from and Mollie will be the addressee.

For partners who live inside the Netherlands, the Dutch VAT scheme applies. For partners who live within the European Union, but outside the Netherlands, we will shift the VAT.

Read more information on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities: Your customer will prepare the invoice (only available in Dutch).

Two invoices

Are you a partner and do you also process payments yourself through your Mollie account? Then you will receive two invoices from us each month: 1 for your own transactions and 1 for the partner commissions.


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