What can I see in the overview ‘Balance’ in my Mollie Dashboard?

On the page Balance in your Mollie Dashboard you can see all amounts that were deducted from and added to your account. On the left you will see the type and description of the debit or credit, you can click on it for more information.

What types of debits and credits do we have?

  • Payment
    • For each payment, the amount will be settled on your balance (minus the payment fee, notification fee, discount and/or application fee). 
    • It could happen that a payment fails after the settlement was already done. When this happens, the amount of the failed payment will be deducted from your balance and settled with the costs for the failed payment. This could, for example, happen for a SEPA direct debit payment that fails, because the consumer’s bank reverses the amount when there is not enough money in the bank account.
  • Refund
    • When a payment is refunded, the refund will be deducted from the balance, including the fees for a refund.
    • When a refund fails, the amount of the refunded payment will be added to the balance again. This could happen when the IBAN is incorrect.
  • Chargeback
    • For some payment methods, consumers can do a chargeback. When you receive a chargeback, the amount of the payment and the costs for the chargeback will be deducted from your balance. 
    • When a chargeback is disputed by Mollie or the merchant, and the dispute is won, the chargeback is reverted. The amount of the payment will be added to your balance again, but you will not get the costs of a chargeback refunded.
  • Settlement
    • As soon as a settlement has been done, this will be indicated as an outgoing transfer.
    • When an outgoing transfer is cancelled, this will be indicated as a cancelled transfer. The amount that should have been paid out, will automatically be added to the balance in your account again.
    • If a transfer fails, the amount of the transfer will be added to the balance in your account again. This can happen when the IBAN does not exist or is blocked.
  • Invoice
    • Although for the majority of the fees we have prepayment in place, it could be that small rounding corrections are needed. When the invoice is created, the difference between the invoice and the prepayments are taken from the balance via an invoice compensation.
  • Fees
    • When a payment fails before the settlement was done, and a failed payment fee has been set, the fee will be deducted from the balance. This could, for example, happen when a SEPA Direct Debit fails because the bank account was closed or the IBAN was missing.
    • A reimbursement fee is a type of fee we use to reimburse fees to the merchant. This amount will be added to the balance in your account. 
  • Rolling reserve
    • A rolling reserve can be set as a risk-limiting function. This means that a part of an incoming transaction will be temporarily held at Mollie. As soon as this amount is released and added to your available balance, this is indicated as Rolling reserve.
  • Capture
    • One order can consist of several shipments, the payment of these shipments is called a capture. For an order like this, the various captures will be settled with the balance. This is the case, for example, for Klarna payments of which first part one of the order and a few days later part two of the order is sent. You will first receive the amount of the first shipment in your account and a few days later the amount of the second shipment.
  • Commission
    • If you receive commission per payment, this is indicated as commission
    • If you receive a commission for a capture, this is indicated as capture commission.
    • When application fees are enabled, these fees are settled with the merchant that received the payment and added to the available balance of the partner.

You can find your current balance in your Mollie Dashboard under Balance. Read more about the different statuses of your balance here.


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