How can I recognize a settlement on my bank statement and in my account?

From 1 January 2020, the Mollie Dashboard will be upgraded. We will gradually migrate our customers. Before we migrate your account to the upgraded dashboard, we will inform you in advance by email. Only if your dashboard has been upgraded, the information below applies to you.

Settlements will continue to be done the way you are used to. In your dashboard you choose how often you want to be paid out and below ‘Settlements’ you can find the specifications per settlement. 

Settlement on your bank statement

The settlement will be displayed differently on your bank statement than you are used to. Previously UITBETALING (settlement in Dutch) was stated on your bank statement, from now on this will be ‘T[reference number]’. The reference number of the settlement corresponds to the reference number of the settlement it concerns in your dashboard (under Administration > Settlements).

What do the different statuses of a settlement mean?

In your Mollie Dashboard (under Administration > Settlements) you can see the status of the settlement on the left. There are four different statuses:

  • Open: the settlement has not been closed yet.
  • Pending: the settlement has been closed and is being processed.
  • Paid out: the settlement has been paid out.
  • Failed: the settlement could not be paid out.

Filter by date

In your dashboard you can search for the settlements for the entire year or per month, below ‘Filter by date’.


Follow these steps to make an export of a settlement:

  • Click on the reference number of the settlement that you want to export
  • Click on ‘Download as…’ next to the file type (CSV, PDF, MT940 or CODA) that you want to download

Read more about what’s new about exports.

Do you still use the regular dashboard with Administration> Settlements? Then you will find more information about settlements here.