What are balance corrections?

From 1 January 2020, the Mollie Dashboard will be upgraded. We will gradually migrate our customers. Before we migrate your account to the upgraded dashboard, we will inform you in advance by email. Only if your dashboard has been upgraded, the information below applies to you.

It may occur that we receive funds from a supplier and we cannot correlate it to a payment and we cannot refund it, because we don’t know where it comes from. As soon as we know where this amount should go, we create a balance correction. This way we are able to transfer the money from our bank account to the merchants’ available balance. A balance correction could also be a released rolling reserve.

Where can I see the balance corrections?

  • In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Administration > Report
  • The amount mentioned next to ‘corrections’ is the amount that has been corrected on your available balance


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