From 1 January 2020, the Mollie Dashboard will be upgraded. We will gradually migrate our customers. Before we migrate your account to the upgraded dashboard, we will inform you in advance by email. Only if your dashboard has been upgraded, the information below applies to you.

Once you have created a refund in your Mollie Dashboard, you still have 2 hours to cancel it. You can cancel a refund of any payment method, including a credit card, Klarna or PayPal payment.

Refunds are processed every business day in the morning. If you created the refund less than 2 hours before processing, the refund will be included the next business day. As soon as the status of the settlement in your dashboard is changed to REFUND, you know that the refund has been successful.

What if I don't have enough balance?

When the first 2 hours in which you can cancel the refund are over, we will check whether you have enough balance in your account to make the refund. If this is not the case, the refund will be put in the queue. The status of the payment will then be QUEUED. Your balance will be checked every business day as soon as your available balance changes. As soon as there is enough balance, the refund will be made the next business day.

Refunds are possible for all payment methods except gift cards and paysafecard. PayPal refunds are done by PayPal itself, so for these refunds it doesn’t matter what the current balance in your Mollie account is. Only the transaction costs will be deducted from your balance.


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