How do I activate Mollie Components?

With Mollie Components, consumers can directly enter their credit card details in your website’s checkout. This makes the payment process faster and more reliable. 

If you were already offering credit cards as a payment method and choose to move to Mollie Components, this means your users will no longer be redirected to another page, hosted by Mollie, when the card payment process begins. See below for more details on Mollie Components availability.

Note - With 3D Secure payments consumers will still be redirected to their own banking environment.

Read more about Mollie Components.


Activating Mollie Components

The one condition for using Mollie Components, is that you can only offer it if you have activated credit cards as a payment method.

Mollie Components is available if you use your own checkout as well as through some of our plugins (more details below):

  • If you use one of our plugins*, you can easily activate Mollie Components in the backend of your webshop. 
  1. Go to your shop system’s backend. For some webshop systems, you will need to add the Profile ID. You can find the Profile ID in your Mollie Dashboard, under Developers > API keys.
  2. Activate Mollie Components. Make sure the plugin of your webshop system has been updated. Click on the name of the webshop system above for a step-by-step explanation of how to activate Mollie Components in the backend of your shop.

* Currently, Mollie Components is available for these webshop systems:

Mollie Components is enabled by default for: Gambio, Lightspeed, BigCommerce and Shopware 



You can also further customise your checkout to better fit your brand or implement Mollie Components with our API. How you do this, is explained in our documentation. Here you can also find current information about browser support. 

Once Mollie Components has been activated, we advise you to do a test payment, to check whether it works properly. Preferably, you do the test payment with a real credit card, to see immediately if the payment is successful.


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