Why is my customer not able to pay with Klarna?

There are several reasons why your customer isn’t able to pay with Klarna.  

  • Billing country is not on the list

Klarna is a customer-centric company, which means everything is based on the location of your customer. ‘Pay later’ payments are only available to customers residing in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Finland, and France.

Payments made with the ‘Slice it’-product are only available to customers residing in Germany, Austria, and Finland. Unfortunately we cannot offer ‘Slice it’ in The Netherlands due to Dutch law. When a customer chooses to pay with Klarna and enters a billing country that’s different from one of the countries mentioned above, the payment will fail. 

  • The customer is declined by Klarna

Klarna holds the right to deny customers the right to use their payment method, for example when they fail the credit check. 

  • The webshop doesn’t use the Mollie Orders API

Klarna is only available through the Orders API, the Payments API does not support Klarna payments. To offer your customers Klarna, please implement the Orders API. Click here to read how to do this, or update your plugin.


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