What are the costs for using Klarna?

Costs are calculated per shipment and vary per payment method. In general, the first shipment will be charged with both a fixed and variable fee. Except when your customers from Germany and Austria are paying with Slice it, then they only pay a variable fee. Are you sending additional shipments for the same order, for example for a return? Then only the variable fee will be charged.

The costs differ per Klarna product and country of residence of the consumer. In the table below you see an overview of the costs per product and country.

  Pay later Slice it
Netherlands €1,00 + 2,99% n/a
Belgium €1,00 + 2,99% n/a
Germany €0,35 + 2,99% 2,99%
Austria €0,35 + 2,99% 2,99%
Finland €0,59 + 2,79% €0,59 + 0,99%


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