Klarna is a payment solution that offers a variety of payment methods. You and your customers can choose from:

  • Pay later;
  • Slice it.

Klarna Pay later

The Pay later payment method allows your customers to order first and pay later. Without any interest or fees. After ordering, the customer will get a bill from Klarna. From the time the products are shipped, customers have 14 days to pay for their purchase (in Belgium it is 21 days), with the option to pause them up to 60 days for a small fee. Because the invoice needs to be paid within 14 days, the return period is also 14 days. 

'Pay later' is available for customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Finland.

Klarna Slice it

Slice it, also referred to as ‘Pay over time’, offers your customers an easily accessible consumer financing plan. In the checkout, your customer can choose the amount of monthly instalments it wants to slice up the payment in; ranging from anywhere between 3-36 months. While your customer picks its preferred amount of monthly instalments, the credit check runs automatically in the background. This check makes sure the system only shows instalment options your customer is eligible for. No matter the number of instalments your customer chooses, you will get paid out after 5 business days by Klarna after shipping the product. 

'Slice it' is available for customers from Germany, Austria and Finland.

Klarna is a consumer-centric brand. This means that Klarna bases, among others, the availability of their different products on the location of the consumer. For the Slice it-product this means that it is only available for your customers located in Finland, Germany, and Austria. To read more about the availability of Pay later and Slice it, read this article.


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