How do I use Multi-currency?

The Multi-currency feature is integrated with our new Mollie V2 API or through one of our plugins and packages. Below you’ll find instructions on how to integrate Multi-currency.


Multi-currency via your plugin

When you use one of our plugins or packages, you can activate Multi-currency by updating your plugin or package. Click here to see which plugins and packages support currently Multi-currency and which ones are soon to be added.


Multi-currency via manual API integration

When you integrated the Mollie API yourself, you can activate Multi-currency by upgrading your API Client by migrating from V1 to V2. Click here to read how to do this in the migration guide.


How to use multiple currencies via our API?

After you integrate the Mollie V2 API, the Multi-currency feature is activated by default. The only condition is that you have activated either Credit Card or PayPal as a payment method, so your customers can pay with their international cards. To make foreign currencies available to your customers, you communicate the chosen currency via our V2 API when the payment is created. Click here to read how you can you can use multiple currencies via our API.

When an international payment is made, the API will recognise it as a foreign currency transaction and process it as such. After completion, the payment will show up in your dashboard displaying both the foreign currency and the settlement currency.

For a list of all supported currencies, click here.


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