What is the pricing of Multicurrency?

Exchange rates fluctuate constantly. This makes it impossible to determine the exact exchange rate that will be applied to your payment. Mollie’s pricing model strives to take away these risks of currency conversion.

When a foreign currency payment is requested the system immediately communicates the settlement amount in euros. Possible exchange rate fluctuations and risks occurring after this moment will be covered by us. That way you’re always in control and never faced with unwelcome surprises.

Mollie has a buy rate with a 2% markup. Through this markup we can guarantee a fixed settlement amount and a quick payout. In addition, our supplier usually charges 1% markup on the total amount. The regular transaction costs for the payment method are always calculated over this settlement amount in euros.

Read more about receiving payments in foreign currencies in Article C.3 of the user agreement.

Refunding a Multicurrency payment

When a Multicurrency payment is refunded, the settlement amount you received in euros has to be converted back to the original currency. This means that fluctuating exchange rates and conversion fees will influence the settlement amount of a refund.


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