What is the Multi-currency feature?

Every country has its own payment culture, which leads to a wide variety of payment methods and foreign currencies. This makes currency conversion and accepting foreign currencies an important part of establishing your business across borders.

With the Multi-currency feature you can offer foreign currencies in your webshop, so your customers can pay with their preferred currency. Choosing a currency they know and trust makes people feel more secure and will consequently increase your business growth abroad. Mollie currently supports 27 currencies


Why use Multi-currency?

Processing foreign currency payments with Mollie offers you security. Exchange rates constantly fluctuate, making it impossible to charge a set rate for transactions in foreign currencies. However, when you accept foreign currencies with Mollie, we will communicate the settlement amount in your preferred payout currency. Possible exchange rate fluctuations and risks occurring after this moment will be covered by Mollie. Currently, you can accept international payments with Mollie through all credit and debit cards.


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