What happens if a customer doesn’t return to the website after paying with Belfius?

Returning to the website is necessary

After paying with Belfius the customer gets the option to return to the website. Usually people tend to click away when they get this notification. However, when paying with Belfius it is necessary to navigate back to the page.

Mollie gets notified of a successful Belfius payment only when the customer navigates back to the website. If the customer doesn’t do this, the payment will not be confirmed until Mollie receives the money (usually one working day after the payment has been made).

Possible problems with delivery

This can pose a problem for the delivery of the product. Many merchants count on the payment confirmation to decide when they start processing the order. In certain cases it can hurt the customer’s order when the confirmation doesn’t go through right after the payment has been made.

This makes Belfius not a suited payment method for digital products with instant delivery. In this case it’s probably better to choose a different payment method to avoid problems with customers not returning to the website and therefore not getting their product.

Example. When a customer orders tickets for an event the tickets are usually held for about 15 minutes. This way the tickets are not sold to another customer, while the initial customer pays. However, in this case the customer pays with Belfius and doesn’t return to the website after completing the payment. The merchant doesn’t receive a payment confirmation and the tickets are released after the 15 minutes expire. When the payment confirmation finally arrives the tickets are already sold out.


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