What the payment screen looks like is up to you. Use Mollie Checkout to personalize the payment screen by adding your own logo and background. You will find this feature in your account under website profiles.


Our payment screen is currently translated in 16 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Bokmål (Norwegian), Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Hungarian, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian. You can force a language by using the "locale" parameter when creating a payment, otherwise, we will use the language of the customer's browser.


The payment screen is fully responsive. This is to say that its size is automatically adjusted to the application the consumer opens the screen in. it can be properly viewed on either a desktop, a smartphone or a tablet.




If a consumer in the example above selects the payment method iDEAL, they will see the screen below. They select their bank from the drop-down menu. They then click on 'Next' to make the payment. It is also possible to return to the website. In that case, the payment will expire, and a new payment is created when they re-enter the payment process. If the consumer selects 'Return to the website', they will see a notification saying 'Your payment was not completed'.



Credit card

The credit-card screen has 4 entry fields. We strive to only process 3D secure payments. This means that the consumer can only pay by entering their card's security code. It's safer that way and reduces the risk of fraudulent transactions. 



Bank transfer

If the consumer selects the option 'Bank transfer', the screen pictured below appears. The consumer logs in to their own bank (online banking) and makes a transfer to the account in the name of Stichting Mollie Payments. A unique payment reference is created for each payment. In order to be able to process the payment, it is necessary for the consumer to include this payment reference in the transfer. They can do this by filling out the reference in the notification or comments field.


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