When you are building an app in which you want to implement iDEAL or credit card, for instance for iOS or Android, you usually want to redirect the user to your app after completion of the payment. To achieve this, you can use a modified URI scheme.

Own URI Scheme

First off, your app needs to have its own URI scheme. This ensures that links starting with your scheme are redirected to your app. If, for instance, you link the scheme myAppScheme to your app, it is automatically opened when the user visits a URL that starts with myAppScheme://.

See for more information and examples:

Create a redirect page

Create a special page on your server that redirects consumers to your own app via the URI scheme. Use a Location header that starts with your scheme.

When creating a payment via the Mollie API, you pass on the address of this redirect page as redirectUrl. After finalizing the payment, the customer is sent on to the redirect page, which will open the app.