I use Microsoft IIS and the webhook prompts a 411 Length Required error message

Why does this happen?
A redirect is executed on the webhook URL that you specified to the Mollie API via Settings in your account or via the webhook URL parameter: the URL changes. This causes the Microsoft IIS server to send a 411 Length required error message.

It usually concerns one of the following situations:

  • an HTTPS to HTTP redirect web address or vice versa;
  • a domain or sub-domain redirect;
  • a website language redirect

Check whether this also occurs with your own webhook URL, simply by visiting it in the web browser. Pay close attention to how the URL/the web address changes.

The 411 Length required error can be solved in 2 different ways:

  • Specify the eventual URL after the redirect(s) as webhook URL;
  • Or specifically, switch off the redirect(s) for the webhook.

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