How does the Application fees feature work?

Application fees are amounts that Mollie deducts for the platform from the payment to a merchant. For instance: a booking platform initiates a payment for a hotel that is a Mollie merchant. The platform can then charge an application fee that Mollie deducts from the payout to the hotel and adds to the platform's account instead.

Description Amount
Booking at Hotel X via booking platform Y € 100.00
Consumer pays via iDEAL € 0.29-
VAT on transaction costs € 0.06-
Application fee for Booking Platform Y € 6.40-
Mollie pays out to Hotel X € 93.25
Mollie pays out to Booking platform Y € 6.40

This concerns exclusively a deduction and crediting of a net amount. As a platform, you still have to invoice this to your consumer.

In this example: the booking platform must invoice this to the hotel. The invoice tells the consumer what the costs are for e.g. mediation costs and a VAT amount. The merchant does not have to pay this invoice; it has already been paid by the deduction of the application fee.

The deducted or paid out application fees will not appear on your Mollie invoice, but are of course included in the payout reports, in the dashboard, and in all exports.


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