Whenever I create a payment via the Mollie API, I receive the following response: ‘{“totalCount”:0,”offset”:0,”count”:0,”data”:[]}’

You called the Payments URL utilizing a GET request. To create a payment, you need to call the URL with a POST request.

The Mollie API works according to the REST principle. There are three actions you can perform on the Payments URL:

  • a POST request to the /payments endpoint creates a new payment;
  • a GET request to the /payments endpoint retrieves all of your payments;
  • a GET request to the /payments/tr_1234 endpoint retrieves a single payment (the one with transaction ID tr_1234).

Because you submitted a GET request, a list of payments will be sent to you. However, since you have not yet received any payments, the object is empty.

We do advise using our existing API clients and payment modules whenever possible. It makes communicating with the Mollie API that much easier.


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