My webhook URL is invalid or not working. What is the problem?

It is possible that while creating a payment you received the error message The webhook location is invalid. This is because we can tell that we won't be able to reach the webhook you stated.

You must always look at the webhookUrl from Mollie's perspective: can Mollie reach the URL? This means that some valid URLs will nevertheless be refused by Mollie.

The webhook is an essential component of the Mollie payments API. A reporting URL must always be reachable for the Mollie Servers. A webhook such as http://localhost/report might be valid on your computer, but at the same time cannot be called by Mollie. It would, after all, refer back to the server itself. The same applies for URLs without a .tid or with tlds such as .local or .dev.

For reporting, therefore, always use a URL that is reachable for the Mollie servers. The same applies to test payments. That way you are able to properly test whether your webhook properly updates the payment's status in your backend and avoid unpleasant surprises when you are switching over to your production environment.

You can also use a service such as ngrok. It allows you to create a tunnel from a public host to your local host to facilitate the process of testing and implementation.


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