What is the difference between iDEAL via Mollie and iDEAL via the banks?

iDEAL via Mollie is cheaper than via the bank since you only pay transaction costs per payment. You also don’t have to pay introduction costs or any monthly fees. Using iDEAL via us has even more advantages, which we listed for you.

  • The signing up process is very short. You can get your first transactions even one day after your registration.
  • You can easily link Mollie to your website or webshop with our ready to use modules and plugins.
  • Choosing when and how often we pay you is tailored to you and completely free.
  • We pay all your transactions at once per payment date. This means you have a less cluttered bank statement and less transaction costs per payment to the bank for using a business account. 
  • You have complete insight in your iDEAL transactions with our statistics, graphs, revenue predictions and transaction overview.
  • iDEAL via Mollie can be used with foreign bank accounts.
  • The customer is always able to pay via iDEAL. If his bank has an error, we will automatically link the customer to a different bank.

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