If you don't hold a Bancontact/Mister Cash card, you may not know how this payment method normally works. This payment method is very similar to iDEAL.

The first step is that your customer chooses Bancontact/Mister Cash as payment method. if you want, you can have this step take place in your own webshop.

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Your consumer must now fill in the card number of the Bancontact card that is linked to his current account. For Bancontact/Mister Cash, this number always begins with 6703. Should your consumer try to enter a number that begins differently, payment will not be completed. If you want to process other cards, you will need the payment method credit card.

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Your consumer is now in the secure environment of his own bank, and has to log in with his telephone or card reader. Each bank has their own method for logging in. In this example, the consumer has an account with the KBC Bank. This is one of the larger Belgian consumer banks.

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Finally, the consumer confirms the transaction, in the same way they would confirm normal bank transfers within the online environment of their bank.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-02 om 16.31.44Your consumer now receives confirmation of the successful Bancontact/Mister Cash payment and is afterwards automatically redirected to your webshop.

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