Mollie is a financial institution. We are legally obligated to check the identity of the people who sign up with us. This is pursuant to applicable legislation (the Wwft and the Wft). This way, we can also check whether someone is listed as a sanctioned person, and whether the ID was ever reported lost or stolen (in which case it is no longer valid).

In order to be able to perform this check, it is necessary for the MRZ code on the ID to be clearly legible. This is the code located at the bottom of the document.

You are free, however, to put a text like 'copy for Mollie' across the document, just as long as the information remains legible. You are also legally entitled to cover the BSN (social security number). However, other information must remain clearly legible.

All documents submitted via the Mollie dashboard are stored in a secure environment.

For more information, please also read the following articles published by the national government: