Can I use Mollie in combination with my Strato webshop?

Yes, you can use Mollie in combination with your Strato webshop.

Many webshop platforms have already chosen to facilitate payments via Mollie. Strato merchants can now complete their webshop by offering payments via Mollie. Strato offers a wide range of internet services including hosting, cloud storage, SEO services and the use of servers. They also offer complete packages for basic but complete webshops. These webshops are fitted with a variety of marketing tools, strong security and a link to payment systems.

The linking process is quite easy. In Strato, select Mollie as the payment provider. Strato will next ask you for the 'Live API key'. You will find this key - if your website has been approved - in your account in the drop-down menu under 'Website profiles'. Strato offers payments via Mollie with all their packages.

Any questions regarding the possibilities? Then please contact Strato.



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