How do I add my bank account?

Before we can pay you, we need to check your bank account. You add your account to your Mollie profile.


Adding a bank account

During your registration you can add a bank account to your profile. This has to be a business account, since we can’t deposit money on a private account. 

  1. Fill in your business IBAN account number during registration. 
  2. Select how you want us to verify your account. This can either be done by iDEAL transaction or by manually transferring € 0,01 to our account. By doing this you verify that it is your account. 
  3. If necessary, add an extra account. Note that we can only deposit on one account at a time. 


Approving your bank account

After your first transaction of € 5,- or more we check your bank account. This takes up to two business days. We check your account for the following details:

  • The bank account with which you transferred € 0,01 is the same as your business account.
  • The bank account holder’s name matches the trade names of your company.
  • You can personally access your bank account.
  • It is a business account.
  • You filled in an IBAN account number.

If one or more of these details are incorrect, we reject your bank account. We will notify you by email.

As soon as we approve your account we will start paying you. This usually happens the following Tuesday or Friday. You can change the pay date in your Mollie Dashboard.


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