Shopware 6 App: Diagnose issues

Compare Mollie and Shopware 6 statuses


Read Understand Mollie statuses for an overview of how Mollie statuses are related to Shopware 6 statuses, and how communication between Mollie and Shopware 6 takes place.

If the statuses don't match, check whether payments are processing properly.

Check Mollie webhook notifications


If you created an automated flow to tag Mollie webhooks, you can check whether they were successful in the Shopware 6 event logs↗.

  1. View the webhook notification in your Mollie Dashboard:

    1. Log in to your Mollie Dashboard.

    2. Go to Orders to find the order.

    3. Click the order or payment and check the History column

      If the webhook notification was unsuccessful, try the troubleshooting steps in Payments aren't processing properly.

  2. If the order or payment webhook was successful, check the order in Shopware 6:

    1. Log in to Shopware 6.

    2. Go to icon-orders.png Orders > Overview.

    3. Click the icon-context-menu-button.png context menu button and select View.

    4. Go to Status and check the timestamps in the Payment status column.

      • Compare the timestamps with the webhook notifications in your Mollie Dashboard to ensure that they match.

      • Hover your mouse over the timestamp and check which system executed the update.

If a webhook notification states that a webhook was unsuccessful, check whether payments are processing properly.

If the update was processed by a third-party or custom app, consult their troubleshooting documentation or contact their support team.

Get the log files

When you submit a support request, either to Mollie support or through the Shopware 6 plugin store, app automatically attaches the log files. You can also access the files on your Shopware 6 installation.

To get the log files containing messages related to Mollie, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the var/log directory in your Shopware 6 installation.

  2. Examine log files with a mollie_ prefix.

Check the release notes

Refer to the Mollie App for Shopware 6 release notes↗ to check if your issue has been resolved in a newer app version.


Before updating Mollie App for Shopware 6, review to ensure compatibility with your version of Shopware 6 or third-party apps.