Shopware 6 App: Ship orders


Manually mark orders as shipped

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-orders.png Orders > Overview.

  3. Click the icon-context-menu-button.png context menu button on the order that you want to mark as shipped and select View.

  4. Go to Items.

  5. Click the icon-expander.png expander icon on the Mollie actions button and select Ship through Mollie.

  6. Optional: To attach tracking details to the Mollie shipment, click the Add tracking info for this shipment toggle and enter the information in the fields.

  7. Click Ship.

Automatically mark orders as shipped


You can automatically mark orders as shipped using the Shopware 6 Flow Builder.

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-shopware-extensions.png Extensions > My extensions.

  3. Open the Mollie Payments Icon containing three horizontal dots that usually opens a menu when clicked menu, and select Configure.

  4. Go to the Order management section and switch on the Automatic shipping toggle.

  5. Save the changes.