WooCommerce: Customise payment descriptions


You can only change the payment description when you use the Payments API to process payments.

  • {orderNumber}

  • {storeName}

  • {customerFirstname}

  • {customerLastname}

  • {customerCompany}

  • {cartNumber}

  1. Log in to WooCommerce.

  2. Go to WooCommerce > Settings.

  3. Select the Mollie Settings tab.

  4. Select Advanced.

    Mollie settings page, location of advanced link
  5. Scroll down to the API Payment Description field.

  6. Combine free text and variables to create a description.

    For example, to render:

    Casey Doe bought order #123456 at MegaProducts.com

    combine the following text and variables:

    {customerFirstname} {customerLastname} bought order #{orderNumber} at {customerCompany}

  7. Save the changes.