Shopify: Understand Klarna and Mollie

Shopify's restrictions on third-party payment providers, like Mollie, impact Klarna order settlement and information in the Mollie Dashboard. Understanding these restrictions is important for Shopify store owners using Klarna, as it affects the order status, shipment, settlement, and order totals displayed in the Mollie Dashboard.

Understand Klarna order settlement information in your Mollie Dashboard

After your customer orders and pays with Klarna, the order status is immediately marked as Completed in your Mollie Dashboard, creating a shipment that you can find under Shipments when you open the order on the Orders page. Klarna invoices your customer immediately, and you receive your funds after the standard Klarna settlement delay.


In Scandinavia, Mollie for Shopify accepts Klarna payments only in the currency of the Scandinavian country set as your store's address. To accept payments in multiple currencies, you need to create separate sub-stores with different store-address countries.

Understand Klarna order totals in your Mollie Dashboard

Shopify does not share complete order details with payment service providers such as Mollie. Consequently, Mollie may apply a fee or subtract a discount from the Klarna order overview in your Mollie Dashboard to ensure accuracy of the total order amount. No further action is required on your part.