Updating our User Agreement

We wanted to let you know that we’ve amended our User Agreement (see below).
The amendment comes into effect on 1 September, 2023 for new customers and from 1 October, 2023 for our existing customers.

Here’s an explanation of the changes:


Definitions section

  • Definitions added or amended for: Dynamic 3DS / Fees / Fines / Guarantees / Scheme Rules / POS (in person payment processing) / Terminal



  • When you process a transaction with Mollie, you’re opted in to receive email communication.
  • Article 3.2: you can now request that Mollie can enable a payment method on your behalf.
  • Article 3.5.1 - 3.5.6 (new): Mollie now also offers to process point of sale in person Transactions via Mollie via our Terminal. An entire new POS section is added around eligibility, terminals, software and support.
  • Article 5.4.1: Mollie expanded its set-off rights for any claims we have on you, enabling us to set-off between different accounts of the same UBO.
  • Article 5.6: Mollie can delay or suspend payouts in case of excessive Chargeback rates. new: Mollie may also delay the payout of your funds after termination in case these funds are still subject to a Chargeback.
  • Article 5.7 (new): a rolling reserve can be applied on your Account in case of certain circumstances, as also mentioned in this article. 
  • Article 5.8 (new): Mollie can ask you to provide collateral in the form of a Guarantee to mitigate its risk exposure on your Account (see also new definition).
  • Article 5.9 (new): you may no longer i.a. assign or pledge the positive Balance you hold in your Account to a third party, such as a credit facilitator. Your house bank is excluded from this provision. 
  • Article 6.4: clarifications are added on the Consumer Fraud solution we offer you. 
  • Article 8.2 iv (new): clarification added that you will indemnify Mollie for any Fines or Fees that are charged to Mollie in relation to your Account. 
  • Article 8.9, last par. (new): clarification added that you are also liable for Chargebacks that come in after termination of the Agreement and are responsible for maintaining sufficient Balance.


Can I opt out of the updated User Agreement?

We periodically update our User Agreement so that we can continue to provide the best possible service to our customers. By continuing to use our services after 1 October, 2023, you will be bound to the updated User Agreement. If you do not accept this amendment, you can choose to close your account.

You can always view the current and previous versions of the User Agreement on our website.


New User Agreement