Shopware 6 Plugin: Create subscription products


  • Customers can only add one type of product (either subscription or one-off) to a given order in their cart. This is because the plugin cannot renew a subscription order that contains one-off products.

  • You can't sell a subscription product as anything but a subscription. This is because the plugin assigns the subscription type to the product to support both standard and headless Shopware 6 solutions.

Create a subscription product

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-regular-products.png Catalog > Products.

  3. Select the product or variant that you want to offer as a subscription.

  4. Open the Mollie tab.

  5. Go to Subscriptions and switch on the Subscription product toggle.

  6. Define the subscription interval:

    1. Enter the payment frequency in the Repeat payment every field. For example, 1 for a subscription that has a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence.

    2. Select the cadence for the subscription, for example Month(s) for a monthly subscription, from the Interval unit drop-down menu.

  7. Optional: Enter the duration of the subscription in the Number of repetition fields. For example, 11 for a monthly subscription that ends after a year.

  8. Save the changes.

The product is now available as a subscription in your shop.

Display products as subscriptions in your storefront

To ensure that your customers know that they're buying a subscription, the Add to cart button in your storefront states Subscribe instead. You can also add a subscription indicator to product detail pages. This marks the product as a subscription and contains the subscription interval.

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-shopware-extensions.png Extensions > My extensions.

  3. Open the Mollie Payments Icon containing three horizontal dots that usually opens a menu when clicked menu, and select Configure.

  4. Go to Subscriptions and switch on the Show subscription indicator toggle.

  5. Save the changes.