Shopware 6 Plugin: Set up payment reminders

You can inform your customers of upcoming subscription payments through automated emails. This helps to reduce potential refunds and ensures a better experience for your customers.

Set a reminder period

Mollie Plugin for Shopware 6 lets you set the period for triggering a reminder. You can use this to send automatic email reminders to your customers.

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-shopware-extensions.png Extensions > My extensions.

  3. Open the Mollie Payments Icon containing three horizontal dots that usually opens a menu when clicked menu, and select Configure.

  4. Go to Subscriptions and enter a number of days in the Reminder period before renewal (days) field.

  5. Save the changes.

Use the Mollie email reminder template

To save you time, the Mollie plugin comes with an email template for subscription reminders.

The template is available in multiple languages, and contains samples and data for you to use.

To use the email template through Shopware 6 business events, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-shopware-settings.png Settings > Business events.

  3. Select Add business event.

  4. Create the event:

    1. Enter a name for the event in the Title field.

    2. Switch on the Active toggle.

    3. Select Mollie reminder for subscription renewal from the Event drop-down menu.

    4. Select Subscription renewal reminder mail from the Email template drop-down menu.

    5. Select the sales channels that will send the reminder emails from the Sales channel drop-down menu.

    6. Optional: Select availability rules to the event from the Rules drop-down menu.

  5. Save the changes.


You can also send emails using the flow builder. For more information, read Send subscription reminders.

Customise the Mollie email reminder template

You can change the email template to meet your needs. For example, to ensure it matches your tone of voice or is translated for all of the languages that you offer in your store.

  1. Log in to Shopware 6.

  2. Go to icon-shopware-settings.png Settings > Email templates.

  3. Optional: To make changes for a specific language, select one from the language drop-down menu.

  4. Change the template to meet your needs.

  5. Save the changes.