Gambio: Diagnose issues

Get the log files

  1. To access the mollie log file:

    1. Open your FTP client and log in to your Gambio web server.

    2. Go to [path_to_gambio_installation]/logfiles.

  2. To access admin and php-error-handler log files:

    1. Log in to Gambio.

    2. Go to Toolkit icon-wrench.png > Show logs.

The information provided in the logs should help you to understand which troubleshooting steps to take. We recommend that you share them with us whenever you contact support for assistance.

Check status updates


You can customise the status mapping between Gambio and Mollie.

  1. Check the Gambio order status.

  2. Check the Mollie status:

    1. Log in to your Mollie Dashboard.

    2. Go to Transactions > Payments.

    3. Search for the payment or order and check the status in the Status column.

  3. Compare the Gambio and Mollie statuses to ensure that they correspond.

If the statuses don't match, try the troubleshooting options listed in Payments aren't processing properly.

Check Mollie webhook notifications

  1. Log in to Gambio.

  2. Go to icon-puzzle-piece.png Modules > Modules-Center.

  3. Select Mollie from the module list.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. Scroll down to Notifications.

If the webhook notification states that the call was unsuccessful, try the troubleshooting steps in Payments aren't processing properly..

Check the API keys

  1. Go to icon-puzzle-piece.png Modules > Modules-Center.

  2. Select Mollie from the module list.

  3. Select Edit.

  4. Click Verify token.

    You see a message telling you whether or not your API keys are correct.

If the API keys are incorrect, you can try to restore the connection.

Check the release notes

Refer to the Mollie for Gambio release notes↗ to check if your issue has been resolved in a newer module version.