To activate gift card as a payment method, you must first register an account with the relevant gift card issuer. During your registration process you will be asked for your PSP ID, this is your Mollie Partner ID. You can find your Mollie Partner ID in the top left corner of your account page (behind your name).

Find below the contact details of each supported gift card:

Gift card Contact details Website

Nationale bioscoopbon

Podium Cadeaukaart

New accounts:

Current accounts:

YourGift Card

VVV Cadeaukaart

Webshop Giftcard

New accounts:

Current accounts:

Nationale Entertainment Card


Nationale Golfbon


New accounts:

Current accounts:




Sustainable Fashion Gift Card 


After you successfully registered your account at the gift card issuer, we can activate gift card as a payment method in your account. After this activation, you can enable gift card payments in your Mollie account.


When you enabled gift card payments in your Mollie account, we will immediately check the status of your registration. After verification, we will activate your gift card payment method. 

If you activated gift card as a payment method before you registered with the gift card issuer, we will regularly check your registration at the issuer.

Don't forget to always mention your PSP ID in all gift card communication. 


Payouts of gift card transactions you receive will be done by the gift card issuer. You won't receive any gift card payouts from Mollie.

Mollie only pays out in the event of a stacked payment. When making a stacked payment the consumer pays part of the payment with a gift card and the remaining amount with another payment method. In the case of such a payment, Mollie only pays out the amount the consumer paid for with the other payment method (like iDEAL or Credit Card). 


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